From the Desk of Dr. Robin Armstrong

From the Desk of Dr. Robin Armstrong

Republican National Committeeman for Texas

Republicans of Texas,

I have been honored to serve as your National Committeeman for the last five and a half years.  This has been an eventful year!  We have all been witness to unprecedented record growth in the stock market (which is good for every American with investments or a 401K retirement plan); we have witnessed record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans (all races are prospering under Republican policies).  We have witnessed the destruction of ISIS, the end of hostilities among North and South Korea, and the start of denuclearization of North Korea.  We have watched the marginalization of Iran; the strengthening of our military readiness; and the movement of our American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  President Trump and the Republican Party have eliminated the individual mandate from Obamacare, renegotiated trade deals that were bad for American workers, started building a wall to protect our border, and protected our manufacturing, rural, and inner-city jobs.  In other words:  with this Trump presidency all racial groups are prospering and America is safer, more secure, and more prosperous.

The success of this presidency and the success of the American people over the last 20 months makes the behavior of the Democrat Party all the more disgusting.  The Democrat Party has shown us exactly who they are and what they are willing to do to grab power.  Democrats are willing to lie; they are willing to defame the character of a good man; they have acknowledged that they are willing to ruin the lives of anyone who disagrees with them; they are willing to make outrageous accusations against conservatives without evidence; they are willing to create scandals where none exist; they call republican men misogynists and homophobes; the Democrats say we should not be allowed to speak if we do not agree with their liberal religion; they harass Republican elected officials and their families at their homes and at restaurants; the modern Democrat Party has even resorted to and promoted violence if we do not obey what they tell us; Democrat leaders have surrendered their authority to the mob, to exact punishment on those who would try and stand against them.   During the recent Supreme Court hearings, we have seen exactly who the Democrats are, and what they will do if they ever seize power.  The leaders of the Democrat Party have convinced a large number of their voting bloc that we are old, rich, angry white men doing everything that we can to aggressively hold on to power.  To the contrary, Republicans want to see everyone succeed in America and believe very strongly that Democrat programs kill that success.  Isn’t it ironic that the angry Democrat mob yelling the loudest, has benefitted the most from the same conservative policies they are fighting against?

We must make it our purpose leading up to Election Day, November 6 to unify, to work, to engage others, and to vote!  The Democrat Party has willingly defined themselves as socialists, and their actions have defined themselves as extremists whose leaders have given control to the mob.  They are thirsty for power and are willing to do anything to gain control.  Texans must fight back like never before to battle the liberal onslaught against our conservative elected officials.  We must fight with Senator Cruz against the extremist running against him.  We must fight for Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and our entire statewide ticket against the extremists running against them.  And we must fight for our congressional men and women, our state house and senate, our appellate and district court judges, our all of our county elected officials.  We cannot cede one elected position to the radicals, regardless of how nice they may be.

We Texans should learn how to love our state and our nation more than the democrat leftists hate our president and our values.  If we love our state and our nation more, we will fight for our values and win elections.  If they hate our president and our values more, then God help us.

Please join me in loving our country, loving this state, and fulfilling our generational call to leave our kids a more free and prosperous land.

God bless,


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